android2cloud 2.0.1

Push web pages directly from your phone to Chrome


  • Push using URL or directly from webpage
  • Very easy to use
  • Opens each new page in a new tab


  • Slightly buggy
  • Cannot remember multiple pages


android2cloud is a handy Android app/Chrome extension that allows you to push interesting web articles that you see on your phone to Chrome, so they can be viewed more comfortably from your PC's browser.

To get the most out of android2cloud, you'll need to install both the Chrome extension and the Android app. Once you have connected a Google account, all you need to do is start browsing with your mobile.

If you find an article or webpage that you find interesting, but would prefer to view on with a standard browser, you can copy and paste the URL into android2cloud or, more comfortably, pick more options > share > android2cloud.

android2cloud works well, and sharing from within your mobile browser is easy. Next time you open Chrome, the website you want to view will appear in a new tab. Unfortunately, android2cloud's recent surge in popularity has destabilized the app a little. We assume that this will be fixed very soon, but don't be surprised by a few bumps along the road at this stage.

android2cloud harnesses your mobile's push functionality so you can view webpages seen on your phone in the comfort of your browser.



android2cloud 2.0.1

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